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Welcome at Looney Kids, your source for fun games and other stuff. On our site you will find a lot of fun games, arranged in categories like interactive puzzles, including crossword puzzles, number puzzles, word puzzles and more.

You can play exciting games that have fun characters like mario and spiderman. If you're a fan of Dora enter into the world of dora games. These games are easy to play; no registration is required and no Flash or other plug-ins are required.

Education can be fun with this collection of cool games. These games can be played online, for free, by children of all ages. You can learn math, english and also have lot of fun. Enjoy playing all these fun games!

Math Magician Puzzle

Math Magician Puzzle

What better way to know math magician than to play a puzzle game. You have a square that you must fill with the pieces of a picture with Math Magician. If you enjoyed this puzzle ...

Math Magician Memory

Math Magician Memory

Math magician tests your memory skills! That game is a combination of a memory game and a numbers game. Kids love playing fun math games like card flipping memory.

Matching Numbers

matching numbers

Math is fun with the new matching numbers game. Click with your mouse to move math numbers pieces. Remove a certain type of numbers to move to the next level...

Crossword Puzzle

crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzle is a game with numbers from 1 to 9. The rule of the game is simple. If the first number is smaller than the second one we add (sum) otherwise we substract.

Dora Tic Tac Toe

dora tic tac toe

Play the classic Tic Tac Toe dora game. Even if Diego, is always with Dora in her adventures, this time he will be your opponent. Try to defeat him, he is smart ...

Dora Dodge Lines

dora dodge lines

Enter right now in the Paradise of Looney Kids games and play Dora Dodge Lines! We said paradise because the lines are lollipops. This is a really simple dora game.

Math Magician Odd Numbers

Math Magician Odd Numbers

The purpose of this math game is to help young children to guess which number is odd. Playing this numbers game you will learn how to use odd numbers in a fun way...

Odd Even Rule Crossword

odd even rule

Odd Even Rule is simple: a number is even if it is a multiple of 2 (the remainder of division to 2 is 0). Any number that cannot be divided exactly by 2 is an odd number.

Finding Dora

finding dora

Finding Dora is a fun game that everyone can enjoy and test their memory skills. Dora wants to play hide and seek, so you have to find her as fast as you can by clicking ...

Catch Dora

catch dora

A new dora game is on the looneykids.eu. This time you have to catch dora as fast as you can. In this fun game, dora pops up at random positions on a playing field ...

Math Magician Slot Machine

Math Magician Slot Machine

Math Magician Slot Machine - So you like playing slots? So do we! Play fun and free slot machine here at looneykids. Free online slots is the best opportunity to have fun...

Math Magician 15

Math Magician 15

In this cool math game we have 9 cards. When your turn comes you will take one. The winner is the first who, by adding more of its/his cards will get 15. The one who will ...

Dora Las Vegas

dora las vegas

Discover Las Vegas, Nevada with the help of Dora and her friends. Today, you can play Dora Las Vegas a fun and free dora slot machine here at looneykids. This fun game

Dora Traffic Lights

dora traffic lights

Test and train your memory skills with dora. Can you finish all the levels? Try to remember the green dora. Yellow is for "be ready", green dora is for "right" and red dora is for "wrong".

Dora Connections

dora connections

Welcome into another dora game for kids. Here are some pictures of all the Dora the Explorer characters. Arrange the characters from dora the explorer, so that there are 3 ...

Dora Power 4

dora power 4

Dora Power 4 is a dora game which you can play for free here at Looneykids.eu. Play another kind of tic tac toe game with Dora and Boots. This free dora game has the option ...

Math Magician Multiplication

Math Magician Multiplication

Math magician multiplication is a new and cool math game which tests your abilities and math knowledge. This game assume that you know the multiplication table. Once you’ve...